How American Veterans Can Benefit From Real Estate Investments

The American veteran is somebody who has done great service to the United States of America by engaging in military combat to protect his homeland, beliefs and values.however after retiring from active duty and coming home, he has to make major decisions on which career path to take next and which investment plans to make. One fine and good example is real estate and many veterans are choosing this option.

How many are investing:

American veterans are today buying more homes than the average American citizen and its proving to be a safer and more reliable than other options.

Why it’s a good idea

As an American veteran with access to VA loans, owning a home is easy and much faster as (1) there are no down payments, (2) You are charged lower interest rates than your average citizen, (3) there is no private mortgage insurance requirement, (4) limited closing costs, and (5) no pre- payment penalty which is the fee for paying the loan off early.

With these incentives, owning a home becomes a reality and you can buy a house with up to four can live in one and rent the other three for extra income.when one invests in a house,its value can only appreciate in the future making this a wise investment.

Veterans Property Investment

Success example

One veteran who invested in real estate and it paid off is Mr John Warren. A former marine corps captain and infantry officer, he served in Iraq and left in 2008. In 2009 he set up his own company Lima one capital in his apartment and today he has moved to a bigger office and employs over 270 people. History shows that a veteran who has served front line in combat can come home and start a real estate business that even helps out his fellow veterans can become a success.

Overall benefit of working with a company that finds exclusive investment options for veterans

When a veteran wants a company to work with, he should look for one that understands the military and how a veteran wants and sees things.

  • The homes should be user friendly: some of the veterans were injured in combat and therefore they should live in a place that is easy to get around.
  • The home should be away from exploding materials as this can bring back bad memories
  • The homes should be able to be covered by the veterans VA loan
  • The company should provide real and honest advice to the veterans on the real estate market, where to buy, where to sell, new opportunities coming up etc.
  • The company can also help in locating areas where other veterans and military families are so they can live close to each other and have a sense of family.

For all veterans interested in investing, real estate is the best way to go. The house will be earning you extra money, give you a place to live, you will have cash flow as you will be getting rent at the end of the month and give you an opportunity to pursue other things you might want to do.